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OffSiteCare Administrative Personnel

OffSiteCare Management Team

Dr. James Gude, Founder and Medical Director
Jeff Dunbar, CEO
Tabatha Bonetti-Asker, Director of Operations
Mark Lancaster, Chief International Operations Officer
Nick Smith, Program Developer
Glenn Minervini-Zick, Chief Financial Officer

Additional Key Personnel

Kathryn Cocchiglia, Events Planner
Paolo Cocchiglia, International Manager
Robert Tufts, Attorney at Law

Board of Directors

Dan Smith, Chairman
James Gude, MD
Thomas Nuckton, MD
Thomas Shaughnessy, MD
John Stuppin

Dr. James Gude, Medical Director and Founder of OffsiteCare, is an intensivist who is board-certified in pulmonary, critical care, and internal medicine.

Dr. Gude graduated from Yale University Medical School, performed his residency at Stanford University, and served as Chief Medical Officer on a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine for two years. As Medical Director, Dr. Gude heads up the OffSiteCare intensivist team that provides ICU consultations via telemedicine, and is also responsible for selecting the specialists that make up the outstanding team of OffSiteCare physicians.

In addition, Dr. Gude provides the guidance and vision that has made OffSiteCare a national leader in changing and improving the ways in which healthcare is extended to rural areas. His extensive professional credentials include his 35-year tenure as ICU Director and Director of Critical Care at Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa , his position as Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California San Francisco, and his position as an esteemed faculty member of the Family Medicine Residency Program at Sutter Santa Rosa.

The establishment of OffSiteCare was a product of discussions between Dr. Gude and his late friend and partner, Dr. Lewis Solomon. Together, they established the objective of using telemedicine to extend high-acuity critical care medicine to rural communities. Their conceptual thought is also being implemented by the Heberden Telemedicine Foundation, a non-profit entity founded by Dr. Gude to improve rural healthcare through technological advances.

A renaissance man, Dr. Gude has a wide range of interests, including the history of medicine and the physical exam, and has published several articles in these areas. In addition, he is deeply committed to medical education, and has launched a ground-breaking program that uses the telemedicine network to enables physicians and nurses to fulfill their continuing education requirements over the Internet. Residency programs are also offered that focus on the role of remote telepresence in rural medicine. The educational experience is further enhanced by Dr. Gude's great love of poetry and literature.


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